Meet Our Sitters

Gina Chang

Gina has always let her love of animals guide her career. She worked for seven years with the San Francisco SPCA as both their Housing Coordinator for Adoptions and Cat Behavior Coordinator, before graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Evolution and Ecology.


In 2001, Gina jumped at an apprentice instructor opportunity at Guide Dogs for the Blind. In learning to train dogs to guide the blind and visually impaired, she learned the principles of how a dog learns. She learned to read a dog’s behavior so she could consistently keep its attention on the task at hand. Most importantly, she perfected her own techniques and style for teaching humans to care for their dogs and reinforce her training. After four years of what was an amazing experience and education, Gina went to work for — and eventually became owner of — a highly regarded training and dog walking service in Marin County. With a move to the South Bay with her husband, Aaron, Gina brought her operation south and renamed it Coastside Canine. She now focuses entirely on private training for select clients who want their dogs to have fun while effectively learning great manners. Being dedicated to her own continuing education, Gina is working with CATCH Canine Trainers Academy to gain additional experience training pet and shelter dogs.  Read More