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Dirty Paws Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is now offering plant care visits!!


This pandemic allowed me to integrate my love for plants into my home brought different energy needed around. Learning to care for the variety of indoor plants and the little pests that come along with them, their light and water requirements has been fun and exciting. In my collection, I have Hoyas, Peperomias and Aroids, and succulents types. Total of 100 plants not counting my propagation boxes.

Check our bio to know more about Kenya and Dirty Paws.


I have been in the pet care industry for over 10 years which requires a great deal of attentiveness to instructions, I feel caring for plats will require the same attention as well. I can follow your routine and make adjustments as needed. I’m familiar with different substrates like Leca, PON,            ( I have a few of my plants on these substrates as well )

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  • Watering

  • Fertilizing   

    We welcome all additional plant care instructions.

* All rates subject to change depending on your location.

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